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About Us

About Us

Barry and Teva at Niagara Falls, USA side, at the top of the falls.

Santa has decided that our ranch is the perfect place to help him out and take care of a select few of his reindeer!

We are very proud to have this honor bestowed upon us.

Each reindeer is evaluated and their individual strengths and weaknesses are identified. We create an individual training plan for each one and train them in the skills they need to be Santa’s special representatives – as well as his special transportation team members. 

They are available every year, starting in the fall, to visit holiday markets, pumpkin patches, and any other businesses who want to share and help spread Christmas cheer in southwest Washington State. We are all about igniting the Christmas Spirit through education and preservation of the reindeer species.

By the time Santa needs them for the Great Ride, they are well taken care of, well-trained, and excitedly ready to go. Once they return from their trip around the world, they take a well – deserved break and are treated like royalty.

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