Venue Service Requirements


Services & Venue

Our display includes two reindeer, a 12’ x 12’ containment enclosure, two reindeer handlers, set up, clean up, liability insurance for the reindeer and a memorable holiday experience! Only the handlers are allowed in the enclosure with the reindeer. If you would like to add a petting event, please refer to the specific information on Petting Station below.

*under no circumstances are goats (as pets, service animals, or otherwise) allowed within 200 feet of reindeer display*

*dogs are allowed near reindeer display if they are quiet. Once they start barking, they will be required to move on (at least 50ft) to keep the reindeer stress-free*

Indoor Venues

  • You are responsible for covering and protecting the venue floor, to include the route from the exterior door to the display enclosure. Sharp hooves and metal panels will damage the floors. We suggest a large 15×15 tarp with 3/8” plywood on top.
  • We will provide our own canvas tarp to cover the plywood, and wood chips or pellets as bedding for the reindeer.

Outdoor Venues

  • The display area must be relatively flat so the enclosure can stand securely.
  • There must be at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the enclosure. (The enclosure may not butt up against any walls).
  • In anticipation of crowds, there must be adequate room and clearance for the safe movement of spectators and handlers.
  • We recommend a concrete pad or asphalt location for the enclosure, or plywood over the grass.
  • During inclement weather, we may decide a pop-up cover in the enclosure is necessary to provide shelter for the reindeer.

Additional Venue Requirements

You are responsible for:

  • Providing a safe, level display site cleared of all ground debris for us to set up our enclosure. (Reindeer, like goats, will eat anything. Unlike goats, they do not have the stomach for it).
  • Providing a tent or overhead shelter (weather dependent) for your clients to enjoy viewing.
  • Providing adequately close and secure parking for our truck/trailer (within sight of display area).
  • Providing adequate lighting around the display enclosure for after-dark viewing (if applicable)

Petting Stations

Petting stations are available for an additional $50 per hour!

  • We will provide a petting station large enough for one reindeer and up to four people at a time upon request for an additional $50 per hour. The reindeer will be rotated every hour. Handlers will close the station every hour for a 10-minute break.
  • When calves are available, we may allow calf petting in a limited capacity. Due to their young age and stress factors, if we only have one calf available for petting, the calf must be allowed to destress and rest every 30 minutes for 30 minutes before petting & photos can be resumed once again.
  • You are required by the USDA to provide a portable USDA-approved hand washing station next to the petting station. Bathrooms/restrooms are NOT acceptable as a hand washing station. Everybody must wash their hands when leaving the petting station.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed into the petting station.
  • Absolutely NO pets or service animals are allowed within 25 feet of the reindeer petting station due to cross contamination & safety issues. No photos with pets or service animals are allowed.

General Requirements

  • You are required to read and sign our Terms of Service prior to your event. Terms of Service will be linked in your confirmation email.
  • No snow making machines will be within 100 feet of the display.
  • Food vendors must be at least 100 feet away from the display. (See your local Food Handling Department Requirements.) No food or drinks will be allowed during any petting sessions, or near the display enclosure.
  • We will provide food to be fed to the reindeer. Absolutely no other food is allowed to feed to the reindeer.
  • Reindeer are very sensitive to loud noises; the decibel level must not exceed 60dbs at the display. Any Venues with live music or an Emcee, speakers must be at least 200 feet away from the display enclosure.
  1. Additional Considerations & Information
  1. Antler Shedding. It is a natural occurrence for both male and female reindeer to lose their antlers once a year. There is a chance it could happen during an event. We have no control over when antlers are lost – it depends on light exposure, temperatures, and each animal’s average shed calendar. Should an antler be shed during a display, we will use the shed antler as a teaching tool to show viewers how the natural shed happens, what it looks like, and how much it weighs. There will be some blood on the reindeer under where the antler was seated on the head – this is normal. We cannot clean the blood off due to the new antler growing in – which is extremely sensitive to the reindeer. Should this happen, we ask for your understanding. The reindeer is completely comfortable with just one antler and the shedding process is not painful for them. You can compare it to losing a tooth-the new antler growing in is pushing the old antler out.
  1. Dogs. All dogs must be on leash and the leash held by a person completely able to control the dog. Most dogs have never seen a reindeer and they will tell you about it. Allow time for them to adjust to the reindeer when they first approach the enclosure. However, if the dog continues to bark or be aggressive towards the reindeer, we will ask the dog owner to remove the dog from the reindeer enclosure area. Dogs must be under the control of their owner at all times. We reserve the right to ask the dog to be removed from the enclosure area at any time if we determine the reindeer are becoming agitated by its presence.
  1. Animal Rights Activists (“ARA”) If the venue is on private property, you agree to remove and trespass any ARA that causes a disruption if they do not comply with removal.

If the venue is on public property and there is a threat of ARA disruption, you agree to provide an area on the opposite side of the venue from the reindeer display for them to engage in their right to free speech. To the fullest extent permitted by law, designated an area “for demonstration purposes” and require the ARA to remain in that designated area. If they disregard, they can be legally removed from the venue and trespassed.

If you receive any communication from an ARA group about animals displayed at your event, please share it with us. If the communication is threatening in any manner, also please notify the authorities.

Miscellaneous Provisions.

  1. Insurance. We are insured by Country Financial and will have the appropriate paperwork on hand at the event. We are not an insurer, do not waive any rights of subrogation, and you are not an intended third-party beneficiary or additional insured under our policy. You are advised to maintain adequate insurance for your event and operations.
  1. Cancellation. We will refund 100% of payments made if the exhibit is cancelled by reason of any occurrence beyond your control and you notify us of said cancellation at least thirty (30) prior to the scheduled date of service. In the event we are unable to provide the services provided for under this agreement due to an occurrence beyond our control, or we determine not to-due to the safety or comfort of the reindeer, we will refund 100% of payments made back to you.
  1. Payment.
  1. Mileage. A charge of $1.50 per mile, round trip, will be added if the distance from the ranch is over 25 miles. (No charge for the first/last 25 miles).
  1. Down Payment: You must provide a down payment of 50% in order to secure the date requested. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement without cause at our sole discretion.
  1. Final Payment. The remaining balance for services is due one week prior to the event date. Payment in full is a condition precedent to our obligation to provide any service. We reserve the right to cancel the event if complete prepayment is not fulfilled. In such an event, you will forfeit your down payment.
  1. Reindeer Safety. The ultimate comfort and safety of the reindeer and the public remain paramount. We reserve the right to terminate, in whole or in part, services contemplated under this agreement if at any time we determine, at our sole discretion, it is in the best interest of the reindeer or the public to do so. In such event, you will forfeit your down payment. You further agree to cooperate in efforts to preserve the safety and comfort of the reindeer at our request, which includes (without limitation) adjustments to the services provided, venue, crowd control, and the exclusion of unruly guests or uncooperative guests.