selective focus close up photo of emu head
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Emu Eggs!

Look at the size of those eggs! 6 inches long, and they weigh just over 1 lb. This one is sitting next to a goose egg. The other two are, respectively, duck and chicken (which is unusually large BTW).

Did you know you have to boil an emu egg for an hour and a half to make it hard-boiled?

Well, right now we have about 15 emu eggs. Unfortunately, our “male” emu isn’t sitting on any of them.

WHY, you ask, did I put “male” in quotes?

selective focus close up photo of emu head


We think HE is a SHE.

Our first clue: Two separate egg nests. I mean separate like a FOOTBALL field away from each other on opposite ends of the pasture.

Our second clue? NOT sitting on the eggs. (Did you know that once the female lays the eggs, the male takes over the rest of the job, from hatching to raising?)

Also, emus make a drumming noise to communicate. Actually, only females are supposed to make that noise. When Maze started making that noise, we took pause – but then I did research and some males do figure out how to make the noise. So, we just figured he was special. huh.

Our emus turned 3 last month, and this is their second laying cycle. Typically, they lay their eggs starting in early February for 2-3 months. Last year we had about 18 eggs, and we took a dozen down to the emu breeder and asked him to incubate them for us………none of them hatched.

So there you have it – four clues that we do not have a male, and I am pretty well convinced!

**SALE** 😅 We have some non-viable(unfertilized) emu eggs for sale!

We will even blow them out for you if you wish.

As for cooking emu eggs…….one emu egg = about 16 chicken eggs. One egg makes a great quiche, frittata, and we’ve even made crepes. The flavor is not bad, to me are like chicken scrambled eggs with cream cheese. If you have a lot of people to feed, one scrambled egg will do it!

1 emu egg $30; blown out is $5 additional.

ummm… we also have goose, 🦆duck, 🐔chicken, and 🦃turkey eggs for sale!

(These are for cooking, can not guarantee fertilization.)

1 dozen

chicken – $4.00

duck – $5.00

turkey – $6.00

goose – $7.00

To order eggs (for pickup local to Rochester WA area only), you can email us at OR just fill out this handy dandy form right here:


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